Eight Steps to Promoting Yourself

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Sherry Knight

President & CEO at StayUnstoppABLE.com

You make presentations – yea! But how do you let audiences know you speak?

When you want to build a career as a presenter, whether that is as a speaker, a seminar leader or a workshop leader it is critical to promote yourself. And one of the best ways to do that is to allow others to speak for you.

Of course, you know you have to deliver a stellar presentation – this just goes without saying.

Here are 8 steps to letting others know you are an ideal presenter for their audience:



  • Videos show you in action! The viewer sees snippets of you in your presentation – choose the snippets where you are telling a story or connecting with a member of the audience.
  • When prospective employers see you in action they have an opportunity to imagine how you might interact with their audience.
  • A 2 to 3-minute video is plenty long enough for more promotions.
  • There are prospective employers however who will want to see an entire presentation – generally that means in the vicinity of 30 minutes.
  • Be sure to have a variety of presentation lengths so it can be given to a prospective employer.

Now that you know what you need to do initially it’s time to get to work. Develop your presentation.


Referrals are literally references – this is best set up at the start of a relationship.

When someone wants you to speak to their audience it is wise to set it up right from the beginning. When you meet with the person hiring you it is important to have a conversation such as:

      • “Jay, at the end of the presentation, if your audience and you are pleased I will ask you for 3 referrals to other organizations that may find my presentation of value.”
      • “Do we have agreement on this?” If your prospective employer agrees then you need to indicate what this looks like – you will receive the name, company, phone number, email address of each of the 3 referrals.
      • This one I learned the hard way – the client agreed to provide me with 3 referrals and when I followed up and asked for the contact information I was told the client would give my name to 3 others and only if they chose to connect with me then they would do so on their own initiative. Yikes – not what I had understood so now I am very clear right from the get-go!
      • If you don’t get agreement BEFORE you begin preparing to give your presentation you may never see the referrals afterwards.
      • Another aspect to consider is to know if your client will make the call and introduce you (and let you know once they have connected or have you on a 3-way call) or if you will make the call and be able to use your client’s name as an introduction.

    Referrals are probably the BEST way to connect with prospective clients. Build relationships with your original client and build on that to build future opportunities for yourself.


  • Most people have a number of contacts in their emails.
  • This is a good place to promote what you are passionate about.
  • Give information that will help your reader improve whatever it is you are passionate about.
  • Remember to give value in what it is you state.
  • Testimonials and even videos might help promote you in your email.


Testimonials are valuable – they allow people to give you a statement you can use to promote yourself.

Like referrals, you might indicate as you negotiate a contract that you will be asking for a testimonial, providing your client is happy with the work you have carried out.

Send a questionnaire to your connection which will provide you with the information you need for a sound testimonial you can use for your own promotion.

  1. What prompted you to have me speak to your group?
  2. What did you find most valuable in the presentation I gave?
  3. Would you recommend me and this presentation to ____?
  4. If you were to describe me in 3 words, what would those word be?
  5. What did you hope to accomplish by having me make a presentation to your group? 

    Take the responses you receive from the above questions and develop a written testimonial. 

    If writing down the testimonial ask for a photo to add to the written word. 

    If possible, take a video of your client stating his/her response (having given them the questions before you video them so they have an idea of what they want to say).However, if you happen to be presenting at a function it is okay to just do it off the cuff by asking, “What will you do differently after having listened to my talk today?” This one, simple question just may give you the information you are seeking. 

    It’s always a good idea to have people sign a release form allowing you to use their testimonial in whichever way you feel appropriate. Something along the lines of, “I, ____________ give your name/company the right to use my comments/video/testimonial for any purpose they see fit.

Signature ________________________ Date___________

Do you want more information about making presentations?


  • Twitter allows you a set number of characters.
  • Twitter is followed by many because it is quick to read.
  • In one Tweet you could mention one thing only from the responses you have from your videos, referrals or testimonials.
  • Because of the limited amount of characters, you will have many, many opportunities to share short pieces of information with your audience.


  • The LinkedIn sites are generally considered professional, business related sites.
  • This is where you can connect with business leaders who might be interested in your presentation.
  • You can have your promotional piece whatever length you want here.
  • It is always a good idea to provide information people can take and use.
  • You might consider adding a link to your website so followers can learn more about what you can provide.



  • Facebook is generally a personal site where people keep in touch with family and friends.
  • This is where you can easily share information about areas that might readily assist an individual in changing lives.
  • Like LinkedIn, Facebook gives you an opportunity to share snippets of your passion with people who follow you.
  • Add a link to take people to your website where you are promoting something else.



  • The young people’s way they connect!
  • If this is your audience then this is a good place to promote yourself.
  • State your information in a way that appeals to younger people.


Yes, your mother may have said to you, “Don’t blow your own horn!” Well, in this case that is exactly what you need to do! From what others say about you, you can create sound bites – little snippets of information that help others. And, at the same time you are using the language that suggests how you have assisted others because you now have the information.

You know exactly what people say about you and you can pull that out and use it – people love to know how others have benefited so they can see themselves in their shoes.

Yes, it takes effort! Talking to people who are in your audience to get their feedback – always a bit scary at the start. What if they didn’t like what I said, what if they found it a waste of time, what if they turn and walk away from me? These are all legitimate thoughts – just remember, our minds dwell on the negative far more than they dwell on the positive. You must train yourself to push on even when the mind is telling you, “No, I’m scared!”

Yes, it takes time!

Is it worth it – YOU BET! Just get at it and start – eventually it will seem less daunting because you will set things up right at the beginning and you will have what you need without the hassle of trying to manage this all at once.

Enjoy, this will be the way you start to elevate your passion into becoming an opportunity for you to grow and become the presenter to hundreds, if not thousands of people. Imagine, you started with a passion and you grew it to being able to help others. Wonderful!


Sherry Knight

President & CEO


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