5 Mistakes Leaders Make When Presenting

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Sherry Knight

President & CEO at StayUnstoppABLE.com

“Thank you for coming. I know it’s been awhile since we’ve met so I am glad we can get together today.” Imagine how this excites your audience! Not! This opening line does nothing to engage your audience.

If you want to get your team on your side this is the wrong way to start. Instead, start with something that gets your team/your group/your audience engaged. Perhaps something like, “Congratulations team, winning the XXX Award has put us on top! Let’s focus what we need to do to stay on top.”

With an opening that relates to the purpose of your presentation you grab your audience’s attention immediately. If you want to include the niceties of “Thank you… “ include this AFTER you have caught their attention.

Remind your audience of the things they did wrong so they won’t make the same mistake this time. Not! If you want people be energized it is always better to talk about what people do right. What they can continue to do in order to reach the same success they have achieved before. You might choose this time to recount a story of what you witnessed one or more of the team doing that was amazingly helpful.

Using people’s names that others in the group know does two things for you. First, people’s ears perk up when they hear their own name and when it’s for something positive, they feel good! Second, others recognize you are giving kudos to one of their own – they feel good about this recognition.

Giving statistics! Statistics can be very valuable and they can put your audience to sleep. Not! Unless of course, you can add stories around the value of the statistic. People may not remember the statistic; they will remember the story. It’s because people may not remember what you tell them; they will remember how you made them feel.

Just let people listen to you, after all you have a great deal to tell them. Not! Include things for them to relate to – ask them to think about xxx, to visualize xxx, to raise their hand if xxx. By asking your audience to participate in some physical manner you are ensuring their connection to the topic and to you.

Close by thanking the group. Not! This is a lame close. Always close by looping back to your opening with a story. And ask your audience to do something… start now, make a decision today or choose a direction. The story will help them relate to what occurs in their own situation and asking them to consider an action gets them focused on action.

Make your presentation come alive by avoiding these 5 pitfalls. Regardless of the amount of time you have, always deliver a presentation that touches the minds and the hearts of your audience. Imagine your audience giving you a high five because it’s the best meeting they’ve been at in a long time! Start now and make your next presentation a winner!

Now it’s time to get to work – to develop your presentation.

Sherry Knight

President & CEO


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